The essence of our firm, is that we know Lewes like the ‘back of our hands’, and have a genuine love of the town. A member of the Wycherley family has sold and rented houses, shops, and land in Lewes and the surrounding villages, since 1853. It is very rare for Charles to walk into a property in Lewes that he has not previously sold, valued, surveyed or rented. You simply cannot beat this unique touch! As a result of this, we are well equipped to handle issues and queries surrounding surveys or legal problems, such as with titles, contracts, boundaries or insurance, and we will go above and beyond to rectify any of these problems. When it comes to a potential renegotiation following a survey, we will be able to analyse and critique the problems with real knowledge and experience, arguing the points as required, with the respect and insight that qualifications and depth of expertise achieve.

As a firm, we bring you the professional and modern day image that you would expect, whilst also providing a friendly and thoughtful service. Our staff members are all local people, who have immense experience, and will provide vendors and buyers alike with professionalism and kindness.

Our Focus

Our approach is unique in more ways than one. We will concentrate solely on selling your property, and do not spend our time cold calling potential vendors, knocking on doors, or bombarding people with cards and weekly leaflets. This approach does not mean that we are laid back, but rather that we nurture and invest in our current clients and houses, instead of touting the ‘next’ house. We will be robust in our protection of your ongoing sale, and we don’t ship out to distant ‘progressors. We speak to solicitors and surveyors alike, often on a daily basis, and we will fight, if necessary, to keep things moving at the speed required.

Charles Wycherley Estate Agents