The essence of Charles Wycherley Estate Agents as a firm, is that we truly know Lewes like the ‘back of our hands’. A member of this Wycherley family has sold and rented houses, shops and just about anything in Lewes and the surrounding villages, since 1853. It is very rare that Charles walks into a property in Lewes that he has not previously sold, valued, surveyed or rented. You simply cannot beat this experience! Being a qualified Chartered Surveyor means that when a survey or legal problem comes up, for example on title, contracts, boundaries or insurance, we really do know how to deal with it, because we have dealt with similar issues on other properties and sales. Renegotiation on survey means the purchaser is trying to achieve a reduction on the price of your house, we can analyse the problems with real knowledge and argue the points as required, with the respect that qualifications and depth of expertise achieve.

With this website and modern branding, we bring you both the technology and professional image that you would expect. Our members of staff are local and have immense experience, meaning top quality service from everyone in our professional, yet friendly, team.

Our Focus

We will concentrate all our energy on selling your property. We will not constantly cold call potential vendors, knock on doors, push cards through letter boxes and bombard with weekly leaflets. This is not lack of interest or laid back, it is purely that if all energy is spent touting the ‘next’ house, it is not being spent on selling your house. We will be robust in our protection of your ongoing sale, we don’t ship out to distant ‘progressors’, we speak to solicitors and surveyors alike and fight, if necessary, to keep things moving at the speed required. Keeping you fully informed along the way.

Charles Wycherley Estate Agents